Baby goat kids - $140 (Guysville)

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make / manufacturer: great goat in the sky
We have super-cute, super-friendly baby goats available. These fellas will be great as pets, milk goats, 4h projects, and brush clearing. We personally take our goats out to pasture every day and they get a loooot of human contact. They love people and you'll love them back!

All of them are mixed-breed dairy goats, mostly Lamancha, with some Alpine, Nubian, Toggenburg, and Golden Guernsey.

The oldest was born January 22nd and the youngest were born March 18th. The oldest are ready to be totally weaned but the youngest three still need some milk. All were all sired by a pedigreed Lamancha buck selected primarily for milk production, with secondary focus on friendliness and teat size.

Our goats get no grain, only hay, alfalfa, and fresh forage, and their rumens are nicely developed as a result. If you want to give them grain you'll have to do it little by little and build up their tolerance for it. But you don't need to, especially if you have some brushy land you'd like cleared. They eat a lot of invasive plants like autumn olive, Japanese honeysuckle, and multiflora rose. They LOVE multiflora rose.

Our goats get so much human contact they're really great as pets even if you don't want any milk. Goats are very intelligent and can read people's faces like dogs and horses. Once they trust you they'll want to hang out and snuggle with you just like dogs. But they're not quite as obedient as dogs :p

For bucklings, we'd like $140, and for doelings, $200. We had a lot of boys this year and only have two doelings left (five bucklings are left). We'll discount if you're taking more than one buckling and giving them a good home.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have. You can email here or text me at 7 for oh ate 5 six three 3 too three.

Thanks for reading!

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